Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid (EDTA)

Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid (EDTA) can function as the useful mediums. This is an ointment that can be used in the condition of skin irritation. It is required to treat calcium deposits of the eye. This is useful as a complexing agent that is suited to determine CaCO3 in its pure form. It can be used in different dosages and is used to make chewable tablets, tablets and an oral suspension of different kinds. It is apt to be used with different body parts. This is accessible with a special formula and is easily water-soluble. It can be bind to iron as well as calcium ions. This is function as an exadentate chelating agent.

Key Points:
  • Sodium calcium edetate is its main derivative.
  • It is utilized to bind metal ions very well.
  • This is highly useful got chelation therapy
  • It is made to remove excess iron from the body and analysis of blood.
Product Image (EDTA DISODIUM)

Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid (EDTA) Disodium Salt

Price: 300.00 - 305.00 INR/Kilograms
  • Supply Ability:3000 Per Year
  • Delivery Time:12-15 Days
  • Product Type:Powder
  • Appearance:Fine crystalline white powder
  • Application:food
  • Grade:Disodium Salt
  • Properties:Disodium Salt
  • Ph Level:4.0 6.0
  • Taste:Odorless
  • Ingredients:Disodium Salt

Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid (EDTA) TETRASODIUM

Price: 305.00 - 310.00 INR/Kilograms
  • Storage:Room Temperature
  • Poisonous:NO
  • Shelf Life:3 Years
  • Physical Form:Powder
  • Smell:Other
  • Usage:It is a water-soluble ingredient used as a chelator, which means it binds to certain mineral ions to inactivate them. Through this action, it can prevent the deterioration of cosmetic and personal care products, as it stops the growth of mold and other microorganisms. Tetrasodium EDTA also helps maintain clarity, protect fragrance compounds, and prevent rancidity. One of its main uses it to help personal care products work better in hard water.
  • Taste:Odorless
  • Appearance:White free flowing powder
  • Delivery Time:12-15 Days
  • Supply Ability:3000 Per Year

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