Base Oil / White Oil
Pure and natural Base Oil/ White Oil is provided for different applications. It is available in 100% natural form without any adulteration from chemicals and toxic substances.
Natural, cost-effective and pure Beeswax is provided for enhancing the quality of cosmetics and other products. It is available in high-quality packaging materials to keep the natural properties safe.
Paraffin Wax
100% safe-to-use Paraffin Wax is available for offering the best results in the production of different products. It is available in premium packaging to ensure to keep the properties safe for a long time-frame.
Microcrystalline Wax
Natural and free from chemicals Microcrystalline Wax is provided at affordable prices! This is used in varied industries in the development of different products for enhancing their quality standards and texture.
Emulsifying Wax
Processed under hygienic conditions, this Emulsifying Wax is sure to provide the best results. It is safe and easy to use in different sectors owing to high level of purity and accurate compositions.
Panthenol is a thick transparent liquid, which is used as a moisturizer in both pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic sectors. This is a common ingredient, used in the production of cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners and hair sprays. It is an exclusive form of vitamin B5, known as pro-vitamin.
The offered Parabens is made available by us in various commercial and industrial uses. They are useful in industries like cosmetics, food and beverage and others for preservation and storage of them.
Natural Tocopherol
We are offering the high quality Natural Mixed Tocopherol for use in various commercial and industrial applications. It is used in brown paste and can be used in industries like food and beverage and others.
Liquid Paraffin Light and Heavy Gels

This array of Liquid Paraffin Light and Heavy Gels are required for processing of different grades of plastics that include PE and PP. Offered in 99.5% pure form, these are used for producing polishing wax, candle, PVC compound stabilizers etc.

Speciality Oil

Specialty Oils are required for metal processing, for production of tire, cosmetic and personal care items to name a few. Offered in different composition and viscosity based choices, these oils are offered in pure form.


Offered collection of Lubricants is useful to improve torque and speed of automobiles. These substances can endure high pressure and high temperature conditions. These are effective in avoiding deposition and rust formation of automobile parts.

De-Odorized Kerosene

De-Odorized Kerosene has minimum 240 degree C boiling point and minimum 120 degree C flash point. These are free from aromatic content and unsaturated hydrocarbons. Long storage life is one of their key aspects.

Aromatic Solvents

Offered in translucent liquid form, this range of Aromatic Liquid Solvents has 188 degree C boiling point and -27 degree C freezing point. These are slightly soluble in water and these easily dilute in C2H5OH. These solvents need to be stored in well ventilated area which is away from ammonia and oxidants.

Lubricant Additives

Offered range of Lubricant Additives is known for its multipurpose roles. These are used as rust resistant factors, anti scaling agents, emulsifiers, auxiliary factors etc. Density, flash point and composition of these additives differ.

Bearing Greases

Provided Bearing Greases are perfect for high temperature and extreme pressure based application purpose. These contain base oil, lithium soap and different types of additives to avoid corrosion and wear.

Automotive Oil

Offered array of Automotive Oils is acknowledged for its ability to work under different working conditions. These have high boiling point. Chemical and physical properties of these lubricants remain unaffected under various working environments.

Industrial Oil

This array of Industrial Oils is used as suitable anti scuffing factors for automobiles under low speed and heavy load based operating conditions. These oils show excellent water separation performance.

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